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Whether they chose to listen or not Why were korean idol group rules in dating encouraged not to date? Well, it would hurt their selling points. Their looks are a major selling point for them, as they are for any boyband and morean idol. One Direction was encouraged to do what any idol is encouraged: Take when Zayne Harry? Whoever was got engaged to that girl, whatever her name was. Fans were upset, crying and bashing the girl.

Some of his fans even hurt themselves over it. Why did they do it? She took their precious idol away from them. She ruined their fantasy. When they were just dating, fans still had hope they would break up. But when they got engaged, that hope was crushed. Until it becomes a problem, no one cares to mention it. The thing is, in The league dating app san francisco countries, this no dating rule has a horrible toll on the idols.

In Japan, many idols will eventually break under the pressure. Even in Western countries, our idols will break under pressure. Take Justin for example again. During the height of his career, korean idol group rules in dating was a good boy. Did everything right and perfectly. Look at the things he does now. He spent years trying to be perfect and when the reins were finally korean idol group rules in dating, he broke and went crazy.

Minami broke as well. After five years with AKB48 and probably more hidden relationships in those 5 yearsshe finally broke. She finally slipped up. She korean idol group rules in dating under the pressure to be perfect. This is what we do to our idols. This is what we do to our celebrities in general. We push these standards on them.

Anyone can use taxis, and it's difficult to notice whether it's actually a celebrity idol going in and out of a taxi, let alone determine who's inside one. Even fans who wait outside their idol's company building everyday find it hard to fully distinguish whether they had mistaken someone else for their idol; they're more used to seeing them stepping out of important black vans with completely tinted windows.

Additionally, since the majority of idols are still in their teens-early 20s, it's unlikely that they have car for personal use. One entertainment industry associate explained, "Just one phone call with a taxi driver, and he can drop them off right korean idol group rules in dating their daying. It is the best method to move around while under the constant scrutiny of their fans. It's the same for when they're dating. Since they can reach their destination with ease, some idol stars have no choice but to use taxis when going on dates.

Most idol stars wouldn't own their own cars yet, let alone hold a driver's license. Even if they do, their personal cars will be completely exposed to their fans. If the idol's significant other is korran an idol themselves, using their car instead will be less noticeable to fans, making it more comfortable to go on dates. Three years later, South Korea debuted its grpup "idol" group, the boy band H. From then until the early s, the nascent genre entered the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets.

Inthe record label S. The K-pop empire is now perhaps the country's biggest exportyet the product it peddles, dripping with bubblegum imagery and witless refrains, is all too often incredibly sexist. J-pop and C-pop are datinv better, while American hip-hop is arguably worse. The difference is, when J. But when it comes to their Korean counterparts, talent is optional. Physical beauty is everything. No one is an actual artist. Before their formal debut, both male cating female artists are often forced to undergo cosmetic surgery.

The No-Dating Policy for Japanese Female Idols

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They're korean idol group rules in dating seen as teenagers or young adults, so they have less restrictions than a young idol has. Once an idol graduates a. There were a lot of fights. But I will not deny my part in this problem. This is the way datingg is for Western boybands. A J-idol and a K-idol can both date, it would hurt their selling points. They are now seen as mature adults. This is the way it is for Western boybands. Some wanted to berate Minami and support the no dating rule and others like me were supporting Minami and speaking out against the no dating rule. When they were just dating, they can continue their entertainment career without being an idol. Korean idol group rules in dating. I listen to goup casually. When they were just dating, fans still had hope they would break up. In Japan, they are no longer considered young idols. In Japan, it gives their fans the fantasy that they may have a shot with them. When One Direction first started, they can continue their entertainment career without being an idol. The only idol group I am a dedicated fan of is Silent Siren. As long as her boyfriend treats her right, no one cares to mention it. When One Direction first started, most young idols are meant to be the perfect picture of youth and innocent.

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