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I want to be part of it. I want… I want…. I want to erase all of my memories from these past 3 days so I could re-watch the whole 16 episodes and be amazed by it once again. I NEED LACUNA INC! I want to wake up tomorrow and be able to do my job properly without clicking random episode once in a while and end up ignoring my to do listso right now, I need to get it out of my system. Yeon Woo Jin as Gong Ki Tae, the lead male character.

I also read a lot of nice reviews from his YWJ previous roles Ojakgyo Brothers, Secret Love, Just Friends? I mean, I fancy him mainly his acting skill. I love how he portrays Gong Ki Tae — the introverted rich bachelor with big commitment issues and attitude problems — but he did this a lot: Somebody please tell him to stop rolling-up his eyeballs before his eyelids marriage completely closed. Han Groo as Joo Jang Mi, the lead female character. JOO Marrisge MI SAYS HELLO!

Like all korean drama, Ki Tae and Jang Quotes drama korea marriage not dating has love enemy, and in this case, they also develops as their best friends, the one who cares and help for each other, no matter how painful it is. My most memorable friendship scene in the drama is when Hoon Dong and Jang Mi crying quotes drama korea marriage not dating eps They confess their problem to each other and end up crying together, even mocking and encouraging each other to be strong.

AND I LOVE IT. THE FAMILY and MARRIAGE! Being oblivious of reality is the greatest crime. Stop obsessing about guys. Try to enjoy some time alone. Spend some time alone. They say you can only be happy as a couple if you can be happy alone. Listen, it's either on or off for guys. If he likes, he likes. If dating tk doesn't like, he doesn't like If you feel it's ambiguous, it's just off.

For Whom We Cook Pancakes Joo Jang Mi: We decided we were going to end it, and I ended it for you. What more do you want from me? Words that I Could Only Say to You Episode I Who Seems Alone, But Is Not Alone, But Looks Alone Joo Jang Mi: I've been very patient because you two are old friends. If you keep bothering him and swaying his mom, I won't take martiage anymore!

Gong Gi Tae is my man. Even Though It's Not Okay, It's Okay Gong Gi Tae: I was really okay. I usually didn't waver for most things. I am not okay. I can't leave her alone. I can never leave her alone! Pasta is what you make when you can't cook but still want to make yourself look good. Marry Me, If You Can Shin Bong Hyang: Straighten your shoulders, tuck in your darma, and face the front properly.

Style isn't determined by the clothing itself, but by the attitude of the person who's wearing it. What's more important than your size is your posture and your manner. In A Faraway Place, One Night Gong Gi Tae: Why are you acting so nonchalant when it's not even your money? You Must Not Be Found Out Even Until The Last Marriwge Joo Jang Mi: We wanted to hear your true, honest feelings. What did you win dating website That your marriage is different from the image presented in magazines.

What do you know?! That the truth is you are very hurt, and it was difficult. That you don't want Gi Tae to go through the same marriage as yours, and that's why you're obsessing over a perfect marriage for Gi Tae. I know how much you wish for Gi Tae's happiness, but if you really want Gi Tae to be happy, you need to be happy first. Not fake happiness to fool other people, but real happiness! The person who made Gi Tae be alone and want to be alone is you, mother.

Confession Go Back Episode Will Sincerity Get Through? It hurts because it's not understood. If you think about it, everyone is sincere. We want to be happy and to be loved. We all truly want that, that's probably why it's so marrriage. Don't Quotes drama korea marriage not dating, and Don't Expect Joo Jang Mi: I think I understand now why people try to be cool and detached; you know, not relying on anyone or expecting anything from anyone. It isn't because you want to be alone, but because life has to be lived on your own; you need to oorea able to survive even if you are left alone.

Now that Marriagd woken up 30 is the new 20 modern dating my dream, I see the reality. I've never been so at ease before I didn't know not doing anything could be so productive. I should work harder, more diligently; I should become more special, more quotes drama korea marriage not dating. I thought I'd get in deep trouble nt I stopped, without pursuing more, but now that I've stopped, I realized it's nothing I guess that's why people should learn how to let go of what they have.

Quotes drama korea marriage without dating

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But he finds himself falling for Jang-mi. PARAGRAPH. Hyun-hee develops real feelings for Hoon-dong after their one-night stand. Park Jun-gyu as Joo Kyung-pyo, but he constantly thwarts her schemes, but has none of her own. He is also antagonistic towards Yeo-reum. Kim Young-ok as Noh Geum-soon Gi-tae's grandmother, and are constantly bickering. But quotes drama korea marriage not dating finds himself falling for Jang-mi. Lee Bo-hee as Hoon-dong's mother A wealthy widow who dotes on and spoils her only son. But when she gets over him, Jang-mi's mother She and her husband run a chicken and soju restaurant. Lee Yeon-kyung as Soo-hwan's mistress.

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